Cold & Flu Season Tips

Protect yourself and loved ones during cold and flu season using these basic tips:

Keep your hands away from your face (eyes, nose and mouth)

Wash hands thoroughly; especially before eating or drinking; when you are out and about use anti-bacteria wipes

Wash hands thoroughly before preparing food

Eat WHOLESOME foods; they will strengthen your immune system (brown rice, greens, healthy soups etc.)

Sneeze into a tissue or shirt sleeve whenever possible to avoid spreading bacteria/viruses

Avoid kissing and/or hugging people whenever possible; depending on the illness a person can be contagious even if they look and feel fine

Use a nasal rinse system before leaving the house each morning

Disinfect doorknobs, toilet seats, sinks and refrigerator handles regularly to rid them of infectious bacteria/viruses

Get plenty of rest

Dress weather appropriate

Best wishes and stay well!

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