Take it Back Tuesday

Remember when you had great confidence?

Remember when fear could not stop you?

Remember when you expressed yourself freely?

Remember when you believed love would conquer all?

Remember when you made time to appreciate life?

Remember when you believed your dreams would come true?

There is no better time to restore your spirit, your smile, your peace of mind. Reclaim your power and DO NOT allow the “world” to dim your light.

Restore your confidence

Fear nothing except quitting and/or not trying at all

Don’t hold back; express yourself freely but without wounding anyone with your words or actions

Love is powerful…allow yourself to love and BE LOVED

Appreciate all that life has to offer; after all you control the “experience”

Your dreams will come true but your faith and determination must remain strong

Wishing you a most peaceful Take It Back Tuesday!

Love, Peace & Smooches…


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