We have all come across “those people” who feel the need to tell us that we can’t do this or that.

We all have family and friends who don’t actively support our visions but want to jump on the “accomplished train” once you’ve turned your vision into reality.

We have all been subjected to negative words from those who wish they came up with an idea of their own and made something great happen.

Let’s face it there are even times when we lose faith and allow our negative thoughts to deter us from accomplishing personal and/or professional goals…even if only for a short while.

During the tough days we must dig deep and allow our light to guide us. You know my motto: “Always follow your intuition/instinct/gut (your light) because it will NEVER lead you down the wrong path!”

Distractions and doubt will be stomped out if you follow your light and focus on regaining clarity needed to continue your journey.

Rid yourself of negative people, situations, and environments; surround yourself with ambitious, supportive, beautiful spirits just like YOU.

Believe that you deserve the happiness accomplishing your goals will bring; own it!

Love yourself unconditionally and accept yourself just as you are; after all YOU are uniquely amazing.

You owe it to yourself to dream, be happy, enjoy peace, love and be loved; don’t let anyone or anything interfere with your wholeness.

From this point on tell “those people” and your own negative thoughts to…SHUT UP!

Best wishes and many blessings during your “travels”.

Love, Peace & Smooches…



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