YOU ARE WORTHY Wednesday 04/10/13


Today (and every day) don’t be afraid to be who your heart and spirit have proven you to be. Be proud of being Authentically YOU!

As we celebrate the New Moon phase, create a list of your intentions (what you want to accomplish), meditate and have strong faith that your intentions will soon become your reality. YOU ARE WORTHY of happiness; YOU ARE WORTHY of abundance; YOU ARE WORTHY to love and be loved.

May your day be filled with smiles, positive energy, accomplishments and peace. Trust YOURSELF; develop YOUR reality.

Love, Peace and Blessings…

Road to Peace Update :)

Personal Journey to Peace; great share!

So after my therapy of sharing with you…I decided to dig deeper. I don’t want this healing to be like the last million…feel good for a while then back to struggling. I turned to the one source that seems to resonate most with me; a book I’m reading “Walking on the Wind: Cherokee Teachings for Harmony and Balance”. I’ve always been drawn to Native American culture; perhaps because its a part of my ancestry. After delving into Ayurveda healing and Asian healing (which is all a part of me now) I decided to cross check with Native American healing. I’ve learned it’s all pretty much the same fundamentally and the basis is caring for mind, body and spirit otherwise risk being dis-eased, distressed and deeply dis-connected.

There is an exercise called the Peace Treaty; upon completion you should begin to have peace within. Upon completing this exercise, I realized that I have been…

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Healthy Hair Oil

Here is a picture of the herbal base used to create Sensual Mystiq’s healthy hair oil. Healthy Hair Oil is great for all hair types. Each oil is customize using this base but depending on your hair type, I will choose additional ingredients to achieve your desired outcome.

Healthy Hair Herbs 314 X 204

Along with using nourishing hair care Delights, it is important that you maintain:

Maintain a healthy diet

Drink plenty of water (at least six (6) to eight (8) 8 oz. glasses each day

Make time to relax and get plenty of rest

Refrain from using heating appliances on your hair as much as possible; allow your hair to air dry naturally

If you use rollers, be sure to use end papers to avoid stressing ends of your hair

Have your hair trimmed every six (6) to eight (8) weeks

Remember if you want healthy hair, you will have to do your part. There is not a product available anywhere that will maintain healthy hair of you are not taking care of yourself.

If you would like more information, please feel free to post a comment or contact me directly.

Love, Peace & Blessings…

Recipe Therapy Thursday 04/04/13

Today I am re-posting my Herbal Hair Oil recipe as requested for my newest Beautiful Spirits. I keep a batch of this oil on deck at all times and even my son uses it (he claims the girls love his beautiful hair LoL).

Keeps your hair nourished, moisturized and controls frizzies without oily residue. Maintains sheen and keeps your hair looking clean and healthy. I often mix this base with Virgin Coconut Oil and my natural hair is soft and manageable.

Try this out and share your experience…

Simple At Home Recipe: Herbal Warm Oil Hair Repair

Rosemary & Sage Warm Oil Treatment

2 TBSP Rosemary (fresh or dried)

2 TBSP Sage Leaves (fresh or dried)

1 cup of olive oil

1/4 teaspoon vitamin E or 2 gel caps

Mix ingredients together in a pot. Warm mixture over a low flame careful not to let this come to a boil. Place mixture in a clean and dry bottle. Apply warm oil to scalp and hair beginning with roots through to the ends. Massage scalp gently. Place plastic cap over your head and leave for at least one hour. Wash hair as normal. Treatment will leave your hair feeling soft and replenished; also helps rid scalp of dandruff.  Enjoy 🙂

Hair Care Tip: Do your best to allow your hair to dry naturally as often as you can; heating tools can cause considerable damage to your hair.

Love, Peace & Blessings…


Road to Peace…

IImage‘ve been on a personal journey to obtain peace. You know the kind of peace monks have or statues of Budda seem to exude; I even want to “look” peaceful. When people see me there will be this magical glowing aura to let them know I am at peace. Don’t laugh…if you’ve read anything I’ve written before now you know exactly how vivid my imagination can be! I imagined daily mediation, yoga and connecting with the Universe, Moon, Sun, and Earth would lead to mystical experiences and I would forever be rid of negative experiences and self-defeating thoughts/feelings. I’m patient yet impatient and it’s no secret I’ve always been a perfectionist ergo my road to peace has been less than peaceful! 


I’ve looked everywhere for help: identifying my personality type INFJ, Highly Sensitive and innate Empath; identifying blocked Chakras; holistic methods to conquer…

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Healing Herbal Oil Spotlight: Menstrual Ease

<<<My BEFORE State

Mood swings, bloating, emotional dis-ease, fatigue etc. Ladies we’ve all experienced this at some point but it doesn’t have to be this way! Years ago I grew weary of pre, during and post menstrual cycles and decided to do something about it. Initially I began taking a supplement: Essential Woman by Barleans ( I use the liquid) which helps tremendously; my menstrual cycle lasts only two days and no cramps! It’s an amazing product check it out here:

Then I decided it wasn’t enough because what I need to manage most is my emotional state…many have agreed so I created Delights to assist us during the vulnerable stages of pre, during and post menstrual cycles.

serene silhouette




<<<My CURRENT State (well most days :-))


Menstrual Ease Herbal Oil

Ahhhhh this blend effectively relieves menstrual discomfort such as uterine cramps, bloating and mild depression. Great multi-use oil will also soothe stress/tension headaches during your cycle and/or off-cycle. A heating pad can be used to aid in faster pain relief.

Serenity Herbal Tea Blend

Lift your spirits; calm your nerves.

Serenity Diffuser Blend

YOU are priority! Serenity and Balance are essential for your well-being. Spread Serenity throughout your home, office or just about anywhere you spend time. Serenity Diffuser Blend will help you find peace during stressful times while creating a positive atmosphere.

Here are some helpful tips to help you manage your menstrual cycle:

Increase exercise. This will improve blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body, including the pelvis.

Avoid red meat, refined sugars, milk, and fatty foods.

Eat lots of fresh vegetables, whole, nuts, seeds and fruit.

Avoid caffeine; it constricts blood vessels and increases tension.

Meditation is a great tool to help you restore physical and emotional balance.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

As always Love, Peace & Blessings…

Affirmation 04/03/13 YOU ARE WORTHY Wednesday

ducks determination





No problem is ever bigger than your happiness! All lessons are great building tools…take what you need and move on.

It’s fine to fall down but most important to pick yourself up and try again; perhaps a different approach will bring successful results.

child determination





May your YOU ARE WORTHY Wednesday be filled with self-love and determination.

Love, Peace & Blessings…



Affirmation 04/02/13 Thankful Tuesday



Today reflect upon at least three things you are thankful  for.

Today we will cherish what we DO have and pay NO attention to what we believe to be missing.



You are THANKFUL allow kindness to flow from you and into others…especially those who need it most.



Wishing you a most peaceful and productive THANKFUL Tuesday.

Love, Peace & Blessings…



Affirmation 04/01/13

I will NOT walk alone…I don’t have to.

It’s easy to feel alone when you are struggling through the speed bumps of life. You may feel vulnerable, weak and confused. If you are anything like me you may feel frustrated as well; I am used to solving things for others and have always been fiercely independent. The thought of depending on someone aggravates me because people don’t always honor their word.

hand in hand

During my battle with anxiety and depression, it always seemed easier to withdraw and struggle instead of taking a chance reaching out to someone who may have disappointed me.  Now that my mind is clearer and focused on “right now” instead of the past or future, I am able to connect with people who truly care. Connecting with people who care dissipates feelings of being alone and dispels the belief that struggles belong only to you. Once you learn that others have the same experiences as you good, bad, or indifferent, it becomes so much easier to identify, create a plan then resolve any issue you face.

We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for and part of that is accepting that we do NOT have to walk alone.

I’d love to know your thoughts about this post and would love for you to share your own experiences.

Wishing you a most wonderful and peaceful Magical Monday.

Love, Peace & Blessings…