Affirmation 04/01/13

I will NOT walk alone…I don’t have to.

It’s easy to feel alone when you are struggling through the speed bumps of life. You may feel vulnerable, weak and confused. If you are anything like me you may feel frustrated as well; I am used to solving things for others and have always been fiercely independent. The thought of depending on someone aggravates me because people don’t always honor their word.

hand in hand

During my battle with anxiety and depression, it always seemed easier to withdraw and struggle instead of taking a chance reaching out to someone who may have disappointed me.  Now that my mind is clearer and focused on “right now” instead of the past or future, I am able to connect with people who truly care. Connecting with people who care dissipates feelings of being alone and dispels the belief that struggles belong only to you. Once you learn that others have the same experiences as you good, bad, or indifferent, it becomes so much easier to identify, create a plan then resolve any issue you face.

We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for and part of that is accepting that we do NOT have to walk alone.

I’d love to know your thoughts about this post and would love for you to share your own experiences.

Wishing you a most wonderful and peaceful Magical Monday.

Love, Peace & Blessings…


3 thoughts on “Affirmation 04/01/13

  1. This was wonderful. I struggled with depression quit a bit over my ten years of being single. It wasn’t until, as you say, until I paid very close attention to those I connect with — giving me the ability to express myself more freely without judgement or worry and creating an open discourse with those people about the pains and struggles we all go through. I was able to get out of my “Oh whoa is me” world and create a plan for myself and my life, even if that plan was walking alone.

    Wonderful post.

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate you sharing part of yourself because sharing helps heal and maintain personal peace. I am definitely looking forward to connecting with you again. I’ve checked out your blog and it’s fantastic! It’s great that our “not so great experiences” have connected us and I am sure we will learn so much more together.

      Take great care. Love, Peace and many Blessings…

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