Road to Peace Update :)

Personal Journey to Peace; great share!

So after my therapy of sharing with you…I decided to dig deeper. I don’t want this healing to be like the last million…feel good for a while then back to struggling. I turned to the one source that seems to resonate most with me; a book I’m reading “Walking on the Wind: Cherokee Teachings for Harmony and Balance”. I’ve always been drawn to Native American culture; perhaps because its a part of my ancestry. After delving into Ayurveda healing and Asian healing (which is all a part of me now) I decided to cross check with Native American healing. I’ve learned it’s all pretty much the same fundamentally and the basis is caring for mind, body and spirit otherwise risk being dis-eased, distressed and deeply dis-connected.

There is an exercise called the Peace Treaty; upon completion you should begin to have peace within. Upon completing this exercise, I realized that I have been…

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