Embracing Yourself

Facing YourselfAre you afraid to be YOU? I mean have you been afraid to be accepted for who you truly are? Do you find yourself trying to “fit in” yet you’ve never felt more out of place? You are not alone! Instead of accepting our unique qualities we often try to assimilate into society because we fear being judged and/or unloved.

I’ve been there for many years; miserable feeling as though I was trapped in a box clawing my way out unsuccessfully. I’ve been depressed, angry, and sad but could not identify my “issue”. I ASSumed that I’d embraced being “different”; I ASSumed I was just fine with it because I never wanted to be like everyone else anyway. It wasn’t until recently I realized just how “different” I’ve always been but how sad I’ve been because I did not understand why; I only knew I felt as though I did…

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