It’s Always Been About You…

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits,

Be sure to honor yourself today and each day. Today’s affirmation…

I embrace all of me despite who “they” think I should be.

It’s never been about anyone else; it’s always been about you. Be who you are and love every moment of being who you are. You are not a puppet so why should you fulfil their belief of who you are?

Your authentic self is your highest self and this is the only way you should be.

On this TURN IT UP Thursday, rise up and be the beautiful, unique being the Universe created you to be.

Love, Peace & Courage…


authentic self

Happy Birthday…Today’s Affirmation

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits and Happy Birthday to you all!

Today’s affirmation is about being grateful even if you are experiencing internal chaos…

Today I’ve been born again; given another opportunity to learn, to live, to experience life and make my dreams come true.

Each day you awaken is another day to create the life you imagine; a life that will make you whole. Yesterday should never be allowed to affect today; today should never be allowed to affect tomorrow. Today is for you to create a better you, vivid experiences and taking you many steps closer to accomplishing your personal goals.

Today I’ve been born again; given another opportunity to learn, to live, to experience life and make my dreams come true.

Wishing you Love, Peace & great Courage…

pheonix rising

Love Affirmation 09/16/13

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits,

Today’s affirmation is light yet heavy; simple yet complicated:

I open myself to giving and receiving love. Love is kindness, compassion and truthful.

Love comes in many forms but it always feels good, helps you grow and inspires you to live more.

Love is never hurtful, sacrificing oneself or something you have to question.

Begin your knowing of love by loving and honoring yourself completely and unconditionally. Only then will you be able to truly love someone else.

I love listen and respect me

Wishing you great Love, Peace & Blessings on this Motivational Monday.