Reflexology Tip #1

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits!

If you are anything like me you carry stress and dis-ease mostly in your upper back and shoulders (hence the phrase:carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders). As human beings we are fortunate to be blessed with a body that is so amazing it has the power to heal itself! There is no need to walk around in pain when you can heal yourself.

When the tension rises in my shoulder, neck and back, I gently massage points on each foot and within minutes relief and relaxation are mine. Below is a picture noting points you can gently massage in a circular motion to relieve discomfort throughout your body.

Reflexology Foot TOP VIEWPicture courtesy of “Reflexology” by Joelle Peeters

It is also beneficial to “check-in” with yourself throughout the day.

  • Become aware of your energy highs and lows; notice which times of the day you have the most energy and try to get the most done during these times.
  • Your work area must be uncluttered, well-lit and your seat comfortable.
  • Classical Music improves concentration and motivation.
  • Stay hydrated with water, non-caffeinated herbal teas (try our Revitalize Me herbal tea blend) or a natural loose green tea to keep you energized as well.
  • Take breaks often to keep your circulation and energy flowing.

Wishing you Love, Peace and Comfort…


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