SereneNSassy Soul

I was gifted the name SereneNSassy Soul by an altruistic and beautiful spirit who believes each word accurately describes the essence of who I am.  Serene – calm temperament; ability to resolve matters even in the midst of chaos. Sassy – courageous, intelligent and thinks outside of the proverbial box. Soul – empathetic and considers all perspectives; personifies versatility. I am both honored and grateful for this gift.

I have an innate desire to provide support for those who feel they are without. Encouragement and emotional support are essential to growth and wholeness (mind, body & spirit) of all beings. My life was devoid of emotional support and as a result I had to find my own way; the long way. I create efficient and non-invasive plans for my clients to achieve personal and/or professional balance. Contrary to popular belief, life is NOT supposed to be filled with hardships; better choices create a better life.

I encourage you to know yourself intimately; accepting and loving yourself unconditionally. Who knows you better than you? Who knows your deepest thoughts, feelings, beliefs…Your wants, needs, desires. All of the answers you seek are within; together we will create a plan guiding you to Finding Your Flow. Change is sometimes uncomfortable but always necessary to achieve your personal and/or professional goals.

I’m an HerbalAroma™ Specialist and Certified Master Chios® Teacher. I use organic herbs and essential oils, creating Delights to increase good moments and help manage sometimes chaotic moments. Through my healing journey, I’ve learned to use Universal energy to heal what I was unable to release on my own. Maintaining a healthy energy field creates harmony for your WHOLE being (mind, body and spirit), increases physical and mental stability and promotes inner peace. Energy healing is empowering and requires you to simply commit to making time for yourself daily, opening yourself to new ideas and above all else carefully listening to your intuition.

I don’t have all of the answers and I don’t make promises but I am proof that all things are possible if you open yourself to the boundless possibilities offered to us by the Universe. The past cannot be changed…why waste time there? The future cannot be created…why waste time stressing about it? The present moment offers you everything you need to be peaceful and content…this is where you should be.

I hope you will join me in sharing experiences and inspiration.

Love, Peace & Blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul


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